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Included Member Services

Urgent Care: Same day access!

Call Dr. Ruszkowski for any urgent concern and you can expect same day advisement, telehealth or in office visit. This includes cold symptoms, GI bugs, minor injuries (not including stitches)

On Site Phlebotomy

We have three on site phlebotomists available to draw blood at the time of your appointments with Dr. Ruszkowski or you can make an appointment with them for any blood draw you need.

Chronic Disease Management

One of the biggest benefits of choosing an Internist for your primary care needs is the expertise in chronic disease management: high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, thyroid issues, COPD/asthma, diabetes are some of our common visits.

On Site X-ray

We have an Xray machine that is very useful to address concerns in real time at our visit. The local radiologists give us an official reading.

Complete physical exams

The value of a comprehensive yearly exam cannot be overstated. Let Dr. Ruszkowski schedule this yearly for you .

Preventive Care

One of Dr. Ruszkowski's passions is preventive care. Let's talk about diet, nutrition, weight, cancer screening, exercise, vitamins. With concierge care we have the time to prevent disease together.


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