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Your Questions Answered

For your convenience, we’ve put together a list of some common questions and answers. 

What is a primary care physician?

A primary care physician (PCP) is a medical doctor who provides primary medical care to patients, typically in an outpatient setting. They are responsible for coordinating a patient's overall health care, including preventive care, health promotion, disease prevention, and the management of chronic conditions. A PCP may have different qualifications. I am an Internal Medicine physician, which is the highest level of training in general adult medicine. In addition to this, I completed a highly sought after additional year as a Chief resident at Yale which included management of all residents in the program, teaching the residents and taking care of patients as an attending physician.

How is Dr. Ruszkowski's practice different from a traditional practice that take insurance? 

My practice will operate on a direct pay system (by membership fee only). The direct pay system allows me to limit my practice to 10% of the patient panel I had in the insurance model (around 200 members instead of 2,000 patients). This model gives me the ability to provide a very personalized level of healthcare in a quiet and unhurried setting. The care will be directed solely by me and not determined by a hospital group or insurance.

*Ask how many patients your current or prospective physician has! *

Will I have access to Dr. Ruszkowski when I need it?

Absolutely! Access to your PCP is the core value of the membership model. Each patient will have 24/7 access to me, including cell and email. Same day appointments are available. Many acute concerns can be handled by phone consult or telemedicine. I can also make hospital, skilled nursing home, assisted living and home visits as needed.

Who will cover if Dr. Ruszkowski is unavailable?

I am practicing as part of a collection of 6 well trained Internists at New Canaan Medical Groups. Each physician has an individual, independent Internal Medicine practice. Being a part of this physician group ensures members can see another physician, in the rare event I am unavailable, and they need an in office visit.

What hospital will Dr. Ruszkowski be affiliated with?

I am currently an active staff member of Norwalk Hospital, where I have been on staff as a community physician since 2017. This means I can access all records with Norwalk hospital, have direct access to the specialists and have privileges to visit my patients if they are admitted. Please note that Norwalk Hospital, similar to majority of hospitals in CT, only uses the Hospitalist system to take care of admitted patients. This means I will not be the attending of record for my patient during their hospital stay.  Because I am not employed by Norwalk Hospital, I also have the ability to join the staff at other local hospitals, which I will determine based on the needs of my patients.

If I become a member of Dr. Ruszkowski's practice do I still need my health insurance?

Yes. You will need your health insurance to cover your medications, imaging done outside my office- such as MRIs or CT scans or any hospital or specialist visit you may need.

Is there any way to use my HSA (Health Savings Account) or apply my membership fee to my insurance deductible?

Yes. This may be possible based on your individual plan. Please check with your insurance plan directly or with your plan administrator, HR or financial advisor. I will be listed as an out of network provider. I will not be participating with any insurance plan. I will not be participating in Medicare.

Will you participate in Medicare?

No. I have "opted-out" of Medicare which means patients cannot submit our visits for reimbursement to Medicare. However, all tests, consultations, medications that have been ordered by me will still be covered by Medicare, as usual.

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